Up Up Girls (2) – Sekai de ichiban kawaii idol/Shi.Te.Ru.Mo.N (8th Single)

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Up Up Girls (2) – Sekai de ichiban kawaii idol/Shi.Te.Ru.Mo.N (8th Single)

January 7


The composer of the label mate “ZOC”, who wrote the lyrics for both songs of “The Cutest Idol in the World / Shiteru Mon”
The singer-songwriter Seiko Omori has performed “ Royal Road Idol, ” both songs are the axis of Up-Up Girls (2)
Seiko Omori is fully scattered around “Youth”.
Arrangement of “The Cutest Idol in the World” is handled by Sakurai Kenta. Glitter with a very impressive unique rhythm and interlude dialog
Finished in idol pop.
Arrangement of “Shiteru Mon” is sound producer michitomo, who has been supporting the sound of Apga (2) since its formation.
Is in charge. It is a bright and pop song with a distinctive melody of Yasuko Omori arranged in an Apga (2) style.
In the tour “ Up Up Girls (2) Live Tour 2020 Aoharu Shi Teru Mon ” starting from February next year,
A total of 12 performances will be held at all six locations, centered on each member’s local triumphal performances.
One-man live held at Ebisu Liquid Room on November 4th, released the first album “ Aoharu 1st ” of Apga (2)
Successful planning of “# Aoharu 2500” that was done at the same time, holding a single release tour and building momentum to grow greatly
Please pay attention to Up Up Girls (2).

来年2 月よりスタートするツアー『アップアップガールズ(2)ライブツアー2020 アオハルし・て・る・も・ん』では、
各メンバーの地元での凱旋公演を中心に全6 カ所12 公演開催されます。
11 月4 日に恵比寿リキッドルームにて開催されたワンマンライブ、アプガ(2)初のアルバム『アオハル1st』リリースの
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UP UP GIRLS (2) was formed in 2017 as a sister group to Up Up Girls (kakko KARI) The group records under Tower Record ‘s idol special label ” T-Palette Records “. Their current lineup includes Takahagi Chinatsu (高萩千夏), Yoshikawa Mayu (吉川茉優), Kajishima Aya (鍛治島彩), Nakagawa Chihiro (中川千尋), Sasaki Honoka (佐々木ほのか), Morinaga Niina (森永新菜), Shimazaki Yuria (島崎友梨亜), and Niikura Ami (新倉愛海).
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