Tokyo Rockets – SAKURA PROMISE (1st Single)

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Tokyo Rockets – SAKURA PROMISE (1st Single)

May 8, 2019


Tokyo Rocket’s first single on ROCKET BEATS

While the full album released in 2018 is well received, the first single in 2019 is released. (C) RS

2018年リリースしたフルアルバムも好評のなか、2019年度の第一弾シングルをリリース。 (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1.「SAKURA PROMISE」 (作詞:KAJI KATSURA 作曲:三宅英明 編曲:三宅英明)
2A.「TORIKOになれ!」 (作詞:三宅英明 / 吉水孝之 作曲:三宅英明 編曲:三宅英明)
2B.「ハダカの王様」 (作詞:MIZUE 作曲:愛川弘樹 編曲:三宅英明)
+ instrumentals



Tokyo Rockets (formerly written as 東京ロケッツ) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2013. They are a sister group of Party Rockets. Tokyo Rockets perform idol rock songs and give energetic live performances. Tokyo Rockets held their debut live in October 2013 at Akiba Cultures Theater. The event was sold out. 250 persons attended the performance. Following this success, their 1st one-man live was held in November 2013 at Shibuya WWW. Tokyo Rockets’ 1st single Shunkan Shoujo Houkai (瞬間少女崩壊) was released in April 2015. Tokyo Rocket’s current lineup includes members Asahi Kana (朝日 花奈), Shiraishi Saki (白石 彩妃), Sakamoto Miku (坂本 実紅), Asari Momoko (浅利 桃子), and Uematsu Sae (植松 咲衣).
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