Tenkou Shoujo* – COSMOS (1st Album)

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Tenkou Shoujo* – COSMOS (1st Album)

November 13, 2019


An idol unit whose topic is emotional and literary. With the new member joining, the women who gain momentum finally debut major! (C) RS

エモーショナルかつ文学的な世界観が話題のアイドルユニット<転校少女*>。新メンバー加入により、勢いを増す彼女たちが遂にメジャーデビュー! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

02. Girl’s Time*
04. 100年キミだけ*
05. Catch Me (If you can)*
06. 終わらない世界
07. Winter Wish
08. 星の旅人

DVD Track List

・星の旅人 (Music Clip)
・星の旅人 (Making Clip)



Tenkou Shoujo* (転校少女*), formerly Tenkou Shoujo Kagekidan (転校少女歌撃団), is a Japanese idol group that expresses emotional and literary music in powerful staging. Tenkou Shoujo formed in 2014 and worked with private label Transfer Girl Records for their first single “Kono sekai ni sayonara shite”, which won them an Oricon Daily 1st place and Weekly 13th place. Tenkou Shoujo’s current lineup includes members Matsui Sayaka (松井 さやか), Okada Mei (岡田 夢以), Shiokawa Rise (塩川 莉世), Terada Aoi (寺田 葵), Konishi Ayu (小西杏優, formerly of Tsuribit), Ogura Runon (小倉月奏, formerly of Stella☆Beats), Uehara Wakana (上原わかな, formerly of Advance Arc Harmony).
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