sora tob sakana – World Fragment Tour (1st Album)

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sora tob sakana – World Fragment Tour (1st Album)

March 13, 2019

A storm of rave acclaim from many music fans with expressive songs, innocent singing voices singing it, expressive performance. He is also in charge of the opening theme song for TV animation “High Score Girl” and gets even more fans, among the girls group based on the group of male, Major 1st of the group “sora tob sakana” whose trend is currently drawing the most attention Full album. A high-level sound that swallowed various genres made by music producer Teruyuki Shimagi is recorded. (C) RS

レベルの高い楽曲と、それを歌いこなすイノセントな歌声、表情豊かなパフォーマンスで多くの音楽ファンたちからも絶賛の嵐。TVアニメ『ハイスコアガール』オープニング主題歌も担当し、さらに多くファンを獲得し、群雄割拠のガールズグループの中で、今、その動向がもっとも注目を浴びているグループ“sora tob sakana”のメジャー1st フルアルバム。音楽プロデューサー照井順政が作る様々なジャンルを飲み込んだハイレベルなサウンドを収録。 (C)RS

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Track List Information
CD Track List

1. whale song
2. knock! knock!
4. タイムトラベルして
5. 燃えない呪文
6. 嘘つき達に暇はない
7. 暇
8. ありふれた群青
9. シューティングスター・ランデブー
10. World Fragment
11. WALK

Blu ray 1/DVD Track List

1. whale song *
2. Lighthouse *
3. Summer Plan *
4. 鋭角な日常 *
5. My notes *
6. tokyo sinewave *
7. Brand New Blue *
8. New Stranger*
9. silver *
10. 魔法の言葉 *
11. 夜空を全部 *
12. まぶしい *
13. 広告の街 *
14. Moon Swimming Weekender *
15. 秘密 *
16. 夜間飛行 *
17. Lightpool *
18. 帰り道のワンダー *
19. ribbon *
20. Making Movie (特典)

*(4th anniversary oneman live「city light , star light」 2018.7.1 東京国際フォーラム ホールC(夜の部)) (特典)

Blu ray 2 Track List

Music Video Collection
3.New Stranger
・Making Movie



Sora Tob Sakana (stylized as sora tob sakana) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2014 with members whose average age was 13 years old. Sora tob sakana was the second unit formed by the Frappe Idol Project and received production and music from Yoshimasa Terui (hasuinonasa, Annabel). They made their major debut in 2018 with Warner Bros. Japan. The current lineup includes Teraguchi Natsuka (寺口夏花), Kazamarei Maraika (Ray) (風間玲マライカ), Kanzaki Fuka (神埼風花), and Yamazaki Mana (山崎愛).
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