SILENT SIREN – 31313 (6th Album)

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SILENT SIREN – 31313 (6th Album)

March 13, 2019

SILENT SIREN releases the long-awaited sixth album “31313” (reading: Sai Sai) for the first time in 3 months from the previous album “GIRLS POWER”! The album contains a single “19 summer note.” Released in 2018 “Go Way!”, No longer a previously released song such as the theme of “The Tenchu Senshi” which is also a topic of the bandmen in the classic song of Fes no longer, as well as a previously unknown song member, Hirose Hiroshi of Shinsen Band · Friends of Friends , Key.) “Letter” offered music, “Weightless Dance” firstly shown at the end of the year’s one-man live, “35th Anniversary Album” Tradition of Hokuto “” Powerful loud tune “Attack” that I wrote down for participation, and Includes 8 new songs such as super catchy new song “Love Espa” as album lead and all 13 “songs including bonus tracks. (C) RS

前作アルバム『GIRLS POWER』から1年3か月ぶり、SILENT SIRENが待望6枚目のアルバム「31313」(読み方:サイサイサン)をリリース!アルバムには、2018年リリースしたシングル「19 summer note.」「Go Way!」、もはやフェスの定番曲でバンドマンにも話題の「天下一品のテーマ」など既発曲以外にも、サイサイメンバーと兼ねてから親交のある神泉系バンド・フレンズのひろせひろせ(MC,Key.)楽曲提供の「Letter」、年末恒例のワンマンライブで初披露した「無重力ダンス」、『北斗の拳 35th Anniversary Album “伝承”』参加のために書き下ろした強力ラウドチューン「Attack」、そしてアルバムリードとなるスーパーキャッチーな新曲「恋のエスパー」など新曲8曲、ボーナストラック含む全“13”曲を収録。 (C)RS

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Track List Information
CD Track List

1. 恋のエスパー
2. 無重力ダンス
3. Go Way!
4. ALC.Monster
5. 天下一品のテーマ
6. クリームソーダ
8. 卒業
9. 19 summer note.
10. Attack
11. 渇かない涙
12. Letter
13. Happy Song For You (ボーナストラック)

DVD Track List

1. 19 summer note. (Music Video)
2. 天下一品のテーマ (Music Video)
3. Go Way! (Music Video)
4. 恋のエスパー (Music Video)
5. Behind the scenes of『31313』Visual Making
6. Behind the scenes of『31313』Recordings



Silent Siren (サイレントサイレン Sairento Sairen, stylized as SILENT SIREN) is a Japanese all-female band. It was formed in 2010 of amateur models for fashion magazines. In Summer 2010 Suu and Hinanchu, both models for “CUTiE” magazine at that time, met in between shots and shared their love for music. The band was formed when Hinanchu invited her friends Ainyan and Yana to meet Suu. They performed their first live in October 2011 at the AGESTOCK2011 in TOKYO DOME CITY HALL event. Four months later, in February 2012, the band debuted under the indies label Brand-New Music with the mini-album Saisai, an acronym for Silent Siren.
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