READY TO KISS – Sono Saki no Mirai e (7th Single)

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READY TO KISS – Sono Saki no Mirai e (7th Single)

December 18, 2019


READY TO KISS, a seven-member idol group that develops energetic activities in Japan and abroad with the catchphrase of Single released! (C) RS

<キスで世界を埋め尽くす!>をキャッチフレーズに国内外で精力的な活動展開する7人組アイドルグループ、READY TO KISSが「成増になります」「タイに行きタイ」「伊達だって」に続く待望のシングルをリリース! (C)RS

[note: translation via Google Translate]


Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. その先の未来へ
2. フェアウェル・チョコバナナ・パンケーキ
3 タピオカ・ストリート
4. 秘密のアンブレラ (千葉咲乃ソロ楽曲)
5. その先の未来へ off vocal
6. フェアウェル・チョコバナナ・パンケーキoff vocal
7 タピオカ・ストリートoff vocal
8. 秘密のアンブレラ off vocal



READY TO KISS (レディトゥキス) is a Japanese idol group formed in October 2013 by five former members of Houkago Princess after their graduations from that group. They are also known as “Ready Kiss” or “Lady Kiss” (レディキス) as these words are written and pronounced in the same way in Japanese. READY TO KISS’s current lineup includes members Chiba Sakino (千葉咲乃), Kiyokawa Reina (清川麗奈), Amau Kisumi (天羽希純), Sasaki Miho (佐々木美帆), Makino Hiromi (牧野広実), Yuzuki Mio (柚木美桜), Yumikawa Ichika (弓川いち華), and Kisaragi Yui (如月優衣).
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Kiyokawa Reina version

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Amau Kisumi version

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Makino Hiromi version

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