PINK CRES. – Roulette (2nd Single)

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PINK CRES. – Roulette (2nd Single)

February 26


PINK CRES.The second single “ roulette ” released on February 26, 2020, formed by Miyabi Natsuyaki, Hikaru Kobayashi and Yuka Nihei, will release retro dance music on 2020 A retro-futuristic electroswing that is reproduced with the sound interpretation of. “Egoi Stick” is a new city pop that expresses the melody and groove of 70s with the sound of 2020. Songs with different tastes will be the second single! (C) RS

夏焼雅・小林ひかる・二瓶有加の3名で結成されたPINK CRES.(ピンククレス)セカンドシングル「ルーレット」2020年2月26日発売!表題曲「ルーレット」は、レトロなダンスミュージックを2020年のサウンド解釈で再現した レトロフューチャーなエレクトロスウィング。「エゴイスティック」は、70sなメロディとグルーブを、2020年のサウンドで表現した新たなシティ・ポップ。それぞれ違うテイストの楽曲がセカンドシングルとなります! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Tracklist

1. ルーレット
2. エゴイスティック
3. GIRLS PRIDE (additional track) [TYPE A ONLY] 3. BLACK OUT (additional track) [TYPE B ONLY] 3. Think over (additional track) [TYPE C ONLY] + instrumental

DVD Tracklist

1. ルーレット (Music Video)



PINK CRES. (ピンククレス) is a three-member Japanese pop vocal group under UP-FRONT CREATE led by former Berryz Koubou member Natsuyaki Miyabi. “PINK” is often associated as cute color for girls and is the group’s official color. “CRES.” is an abbreviation for the musical term “crescendo”, which means music gradually increasing in loudness and represents the group’s goal to “gradually grow louder and louder” around the world. On April 30, 2015, in the first episode of the web show GREEN ROOM, Natsuyaki Miyabi stated her intentions to start a new idol group following the indefinite hiatus of Berryz Koubou in March. After an initial audition that yielded no new members, it was announced on April 1, 2016 that Nihei Yuuka and Kobayashi Hikaru, the only two finalists from the second recruitment, had both won the 2015 Natsuyaki Miyabi Shin Group Member Audition and had become members of Natsuyaki’s new group. PINK CRES.’s current lineup includes members Natsuyaki Miyabi (夏焼雅), Kobayashi Hikaru (小林ひかる), and Nihei Yuuka (二瓶有加).
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