monogatari – my way (11th Single)

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monogatari – my way (11th Single)

February 26, 2019

“Monogatari”, commonly known as monoga. Average age 16 years old.
Last month I finished the whole schedule of “monogatari” free “five big cities one-man tour 2018 – Eh? Mono monkey!
In the final Tokyo performance (Shibuya WWW X), “monogatari” concluded the tour with the extra packed enough to restrict admission.
Such “monogatari” long-awaited new single will be a popular highlight among the monogatari songs “WE are ONE” and
One song by sound producer DAICHI YOKOTA working on “WIN the STAR”. With no mistake on the next break
It is a passionate work by ROCK which admires the first bullet in 2019 of “monogatari” to be said.

「monogatari」、通称モノガ。平均年齢16 歳。
昨年行われた『monogatari“無料”五大都市ワンマンツアー2018 ~え?モノガってやばくね! ?』の全日程を完走。
ファイナルの東京公演(渋谷WWW X)では、入場規制がかかるほどの超満員でツアーを締めくくった「monogatari」。
そんな「monogatari」待望のニューシングルとなる今作は、monogatari 楽曲の中でも人気の高い「WE are ONE」や
「WIN the STAR」を手がけるサウンドプロデューサー DAICHI YOKOTA による1 曲。ネクストブレイク間違いなしと
言われる「monogatari」の、2019 年第一弾を見事に飾る、ROCK で情熱的な作品となっている。

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Track List Information
CD Track List

1. my way
2. my way (instrumental)



Monogatari (stylized as monogatari) is a Japanese pop idol girl group under MILLENNIUM PROMOTION LLC. Formed from members of the disbanded MILLENNIUM GIRLS, the group began activities in March 2016 under the name Harajuku Monogatari (原宿物語). On January 1, 2018 the group name was renamed from Harajuku Monogatari to the current name. Monogatari’s current lineup includes members Hiiragi Usa (柊 宇咲), Kayama Amu (香山 あむ), Kodama Onno (児玉 のんの), Fukumoto Karen (福本 カレン), Kudo Teina (工藤 茶南), Kurasawa Haruka (倉澤 遥), Tateishi Rira (立石 梨礼), Aozora Asuka (青空 明日香), Utashiro Miku (歌代 ミク), Nishime Sae (西銘 紗英), and Serikawa Risa (芹川 梨咲).
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