Maneki Kecak – Aru wakenai no (2nd Album)

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Maneki Kecak – Aru wakenai no (2nd Album)

December 18, 2019


Debuted on August 8, 2015. Maneki Kecak is an idol group consisting of five people: Nakagawa Miyu, Miyauchi Kei, Matsushita Yuna, Fukase Misakura, Shinohara Yu. The song “ In the back of there is no reason ” is decided as the ending theme song of Cool George no Kitaro in October 2019! (C) RS

2015年8月8日にデビュー。中川美優、宮内凛、松下玲緒菜、深瀬美桜、篠原葵の5人からなるアイドルグループ、まねきケチャ。収録曲「あるわけないのその奥に」は、ゲゲゲの鬼太郎2019年10月クールのエンディング主題歌に決定! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

01 共通項
02 きみのいない世界に
03 相思い
04 あるわけないのその奥に
05 鏡の中から
06 愛と狂気とカタルシス
07 ありよりのあり
08 ジャンプ
09 妄想桜
10 漫画みたいな恋をしたい
11 guess
13 虹を探しに
14 昨日の私に負けたくないの



Maneki Kecak (まねきケチャ pronounced Maneki Kecha) is a Japanese idol group formed in 2015. The leader is Nakagawa Miyuu, and Matsushita Reona is the center. Five girls passed the initial audition in 2015, and the group has subsequently graduated two members and gained two members. Maneki Kecak’s current lined up includes Nakagawa Miyuu (中川美優, original member), Miyauchi Rin (宮内凜, original member), Matsushita Reona (松下玲緒菜, original member), Fukase Mio (深瀬美桜, joined November 2017), and Shinohara Aoi (篠原葵, joined December 2018).
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