LADYBABY – Haten ni raimei (5th Single)

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LADYBABY – Haten ni raimei (5th Single)

May 28, 2019


Don’t hide the impulse! Contact from LADYBABY to bring you out of safety. A heavy sound that is synonymous with LADYBABY, a J-POP, hip hop, death voice, etc. packed with various elements such as 4 individual songs overlap! The writer group is the first song written for the first time in 1 year since “Hoshino Naisora”: NOB, Arr. MEG’s powerful tag regroups! (C) RS

衝動隠すな!安全圏の中で生きるキミを連れ出すLADYBABYからのコンタクト。LADYBABYの代名詞となるヘビーサウンドにJ-POP、ヒップホップ、デスボイスなど様々な要素を詰め込み4人の個性が重なり合う一曲!作家陣は「ホシノナイソラ」以来1年ぶりとなる作詞:NOBE、作編曲:MEGの強力タッグが再集結! (C)RS

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. 破天ニ雷鳴
2. God’s Not
3. LB 4 Future



Ladybaby are a Japanese kawaii metal musical group, which originally consisted of aspiring photographic models Kaneko Rie (金子理江), Kuromiya Rei (黒宮れい), and Ladybeard, the bearded crossdressing persona of Australian male professional wrestler Richard Magarey. On August 1, 2016, the group rebranded itself after Ladybeard’s withdrawal from the group, going by “The Idol Formerly Known as Ladybaby”. With the withdrawal of Kuromiya in 2017, they returned to the original LADYBABY moniker and added new members. LADYBABY’s current lineup includes Kaneko Rie (金子理江), Karasawa Fuka (唐沢風花), Ikeda Nana (池田菜々), and Arima Emily (有馬えみり).
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