Kamiyado – CONVERSATION FANCY (4th Single)

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Kamiyado – CONVERSATION FANCY (4th Single)

February 6, 2019

From Harajuku! 5-person idol unit · New single in Shinjuku!
Major karaoke chain BIG ECHO “Party course” supporting song

■ 5-person group idol group continuing activities based on Harajuku since its formation in 2014 · Kabuki released a new single!
■ The title song “CONVERSATION FANCY” follows the previous single “HAPPY PARTY NIGHT” followed by a major karaoke chain store
It is decided to be a new support song of “party course” being recommended by “BIG ECHO”.
From January, CM and MV will be massaged O.A at “BIG ECHO” shop front.
In addition to CD ■ MV and its making image recorded
A TYPE-A that enclosed M∞ Card (each member pattern 5 kinds + one member of all member patterns one randomly enclosed)
Two forms of TYPE-B of CD only.
■ Please be aware of the further breakthrough in 2019, which is holding a nationwide tour over nationwide cities from October!

原宿発! 5人組アイドルユニット・神宿のニューシングル!
大手カラオケチェーンBIG ECHO「パーティーコース」応援ソング

■表題曲「CONVERSATION FANCY」は前作シングル「HAPPY PARTY NIGHT」に続き大手カラオケチェーン店
「BIG ECHO」で推奨中の「パーティーコース」の新応援ソングに決定。
1月より「BIG ECHO」店頭にてCMやMVが大量O.Aされます。
[note: translation via Google Translate]

Note: “CONVERSATION FANCY” is the last Kamiyado single with Sekiguchi Naho


Track List Information
CD Track List

2. Honorable!
3.CONVERSATION FANCY (Original Karaoke)
4. Praise! (Original Karaoke)


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Kamiyado (神宿) is a Harajuku based Japanese idol group formed in September 2014. They are also known as KMYD. The origin of their name is a combination of the kanjis 神 (“kami”) from Meiji Shrine (明治神宮) and 宿 (“yado”) from Harajuku (原宿). The acronym for KMYD is Kawaii (可愛い!) Max (全力!) Yell (応援!) Dream (夢!). Kamiyado’s lineup currently includes Hashima Miki (羽島みき), Koyama Hina (小山ひな), Hashima Mei (羽島めい), Sekiguchi Naho (関口なほ), and Ichinose Mika (一ノ瀬みか).
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