Kaede (Negicco) – Shinya. Anata wa Kyo wo Furikaeri, Mata Atarashii Asa dane. (New Mini Album)

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Kaede (Negicco) – Shinya. Anata wa Kyo wo Furikaeri, Mata Atarashii Asa dane. (New Mini Album)

June 18, 2019


We will officially perform solo activities, release the limited store CD-R single “Cloud 9” as the starting point
Negicco member Kaede announced that it will release a mini-album at the one-man live at Kinema Club held on April 27 (Saturday).
This mini-album, released on June 18 (Tuesday), includes the single “Crowd Nine” (song, composition, arrangement Yusuke Sato) and five new songs.
There will be six songs, and Ayaka Kushibiki, Ichiro Yoshida, an incompetent world, advantage Lucy, Taiyo Someya (Lamp), Keiichi Sogabe, typhoon club, Yukari Yamazaki (Air Public Corp.) will participate.
Furthermore, the jacket photograph taken in the Sea of Japan in Niigata is also released.
Keep an eye out for Kaede, who made his solo debut as a new challenge for Negicco, which has entered its 16th year.

6月18日(火)リリースとなるこのミニアルバムは、シングル「クラウドナイン」(作詞・作曲・編曲 佐藤優介)と新曲5曲を含む
全6曲となり、櫛引彩香、吉田一郎不可触世界、advantage Lucy、染谷大陽(Lamp)、曽我部恵一、台風クラブ、山崎ゆかり(空気公団)が参加。

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

M1.「あたらしい歌」 作詞・作曲 櫛引彩香 編曲 吉田一郎不可触世界
M2.「クラウドナイン」 作詞・作曲・編曲 佐藤優介
M3.「キラキラ」 作詞 アイコ 作曲 石坂義晴 編曲 advantage Lucy
M4.「あなたは遠く」 作詞・作曲・編曲 染谷大陽
M5.「カエデの遠距離恋愛」 作詞・作曲 曽我部恵一 編曲 台風クラブ
M6.「飛花落葉」 作詞・作曲・編曲 山崎ゆかり



Negicco (ねぎっこ, the name is officially written in Latin script) is a female idol music group created in July 2003. It is composed today of three members: Nao (なお), Megu (めぐ), and Kaede (かえで). The group is from Niigata, Japan, and was created for the promotion of the local green onion (Allium fistulosum): the word negi (ねぎ) means “green onion” in Japanese. “Negicco” thus means “The green onion girls”. The group is produced by Negi-pro Agency, and is signed to the T-Palette Records label.
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