DESURABBITS – Sotsugyou shoujo ‐ mirai e ‐ / Demo, nigen na (9th Single)

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DESURABBITS – Sotsugyou shoujo ‐ mirai e ‐ / Demo, nigen na (9th Single)

March 20, 2019

2019 is raised! “DESURABBITS” releasing a new work for about 1 year. From the girls to adults entrance to the entrance now ~ The feelings towards the future are put on the loud rock sound with the keyword “graduation girl” as a keyword to express a new world. In addition, both A side single “Escape everyone” YUZU leader YUZU is a memorable song that will be the first center, the 2019 year ‘s first single that contains the members’ thoughts over the past year. (C) RS

2019年<ラウドロックアイドル革命>を掲げ!約1年ぶりとなる新作をリリースする“DESURABBITS”。少女から大人への入り口にさしかかるメンバーの今〜未来に向かっての心情を“卒業少女”をキーワードにラウドロックサウンドに乗せ新たな世界を表現。また、両A面シングルになる「でも、逃げんな」ではリーダーであるYUZUが初センターをつとめる記念すべき楽曲で、この一年にかけるメンバーの想いを込めた2019年第一弾シングルです。 (C)RS

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Desu. Rabbits is a Japanese Death Pop group. The producer of the group, Bucho is also a member of the group and provides the ‘metal’ that the group is lacking. DESURABBITS was formed in October 2013 as a subgroup of usa☆usa club. At the time of formation, the group name was DEATHRABBITS, which changed to DESU.RABBITS in November 2016, and was finally changed to the current DESURABBITS in February 2019. The group aims to combine digital hardcore with catchy idol songs in a genre the group calls “Japanese Death Pop”. DESURABBITS’ current lineup includes members Yasui Karin (安井夏鈴), Okawa Yuzu (大川柚), Mochizuki Emi (望月愛実), and Bucho (部長 producer/member).
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