CRUiSE! – Dotten Kaimei (3rd Single)

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CRUiSE! – Dotten Kaimei (3rd Single)

May 22, 2018


The stage performance attracts attention nationwide, and the idol unit “ Kuruzu CRUiSE! ” From Fukuoka, which is rising rapidly in popularity, has decided to release a new long-awaited national distribution board!
The Fukuoka-limited single “Cruising My Story” released in 2016 recorded 8th place in the Oricon Daily overall despite being limited to Fukuoka, and each member made use of their individuality, and in various fields such as commercials, shows, movies, programs, etc. A group of 6 people who are active and members are crew members and have the concept of a cruise ship.
“Mirai Shoujo A”, the first nationwide release, recorded 5th place in the Oricon Daily overall! Furthermore, at the one-man live held in Fukuoka at the end of 2017, it attracted more than 300 people and became a great success, and they are currently inundated with offers from events all over the country and the long-awaited new work “ Dontenkaii ” 2018 It will be released on May 22!

そのステージパフォーマンスが全国的にも注目を集め、人気急上昇中の福岡発アイドルユニット「くるーず CRUiSE!」が待望の全国流通盤の新作リリース決定!
2016年リリースの福岡限定シングル「恋の受験/Cruising My Story」は福岡限定にもかかわらずオリコンデイリー総合8位を記録しメンバーそれぞれが その個性を生かし、CM、ショー、映画、番組等多方面でも活躍しておりメンバーが乗務員となり、客船をコンセプトを掲げる 6人グループ くるーず~CRUiSE! (くるーず)。
初の全国リリースとなった「未来少女A」はオリコンデイリー総合5位を記録! 会場限定リリースとなったミニアルバム「Cruising My Story」も各地から問い合わせ殺到。更には2017年末に地元福岡で開催されたワンマンライブでは300人以上集客し大成功を収め、現在全国各地のイベントからオファーが殺到中の彼女達が待望の新作「どってんかいめい」を2018年5月22日にリリース決定! 注目盤です。

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. どってんかいめい
2. 激闘BBQ [Type A Only]  
2. Fanfare [Type B Only]  
2. Peace Peace Peace [Type C Only]  
+ Instrumental



CRUiSE (くるーず) is a Japanese female idol idol unit formed in Fukuoka in April 2016. During CRUiSE live performances, the group uses the the motif of the cruise ship whereby the members become crew members. CRUiSE hopes to gain popularity due to their danceful dance and fresh voices. Each member makes use of their individuality and plays an active part in each direction. CRUiSE’s current lineup includes members Aizaki Yukine (藍崎ゆきね), Aoi Miyu (青井海優), Akahoshi Nana (赤星那奈), Otsuka Minami (大塚みなみ), Tonokawa Haruka (殿川遥加), and Natsuno Sora (夏野大空).
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