ASTROMATE – Astro (1st Single)

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ASTROMATE – Astro (1st Single)

April 25, 2018

Content introduction
Four pairs of successful applicants of “Come” idol · audition “sponsored by Revere Inc. finally debut at the same time!

Starting with a solid guitar, M1 “ASTRO” will be synonymous with ASTROMATE, which coexisted with grandeur and emo.
In addition, M2 “COLORS” M2, “COLORS” which is easy to imagine live scene can be imagined, and the impressive interaction of a fancy synthesizer and rust is also a long catchy finish that will be loved as a classic song for live.
M1 ‘ASTRO’ can not help trembling emotions on keyboards coming into everywhere in the songs that took the EDM element that is becoming a standard in recent years for heavy rock sounds.
Also listen to dramatic guitar solos that you can recommend themselves to not only idol fans but also rock fans!

Media review review and others
Four pairs of successful applicants of “Come” idol · audition “sponsored by Revere Corporation finally debut at the same time CD! This work was formed in February 2018 and consists of 7 people gathered from all over Japan from Okinawa to Hokkaido ASTROMATE based in Tokyo based in Tokyo! Starting from solid guitar, coexistence of magnificence and emo, “ASTRO” will be exactly synonymous with ASTROMATE. In addition, “COLORS” which the imagination of a live scene can easily be imagined, with a flamboyant synthesizer and rustic expressions impressive is also a catchy finish that will be loved as a classic song for live long. (C) RS



株式会社Reve主催“『来い』アイドル・オーディション”の合格者からなる4組がついに同時CDデビュー!本作は、2018年2月結成、沖縄から北海道まで日本全国各地から集まった7名で構成された東京を拠点に活動するASTROMATEのシングル!ソリッドなギターから始まり、壮大さとエモさの共存した、まさにASTROMATEの代名詞になるであろう「ASTRO」。また、ライブでの光景が容易に想像できる、派手なシンセサイザーとサビの掛け合いが印象的な「COLORS」も長くライブでの定番曲として愛されるだろうキャッチーな仕上がりとなっている。 (C)RS

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Track List Information
CD Track List

3. ASTRO (instrumental)
4. COLORS (instrumental)



ASTROMATE (アストロメイト) is a Tokyo based rock idol unit featuring members from across Japan. Formed in 2018, the unit uses sophisticated dance and a band-centered grand emo sound to create empathy and emotion. ASTROMATE released their first sinle “ASTRO” in April 2018. ASTROMATE’s current lineup includes Mochizuki Saaya (望月さあや), Honda Natsumi (本田夏実), Yuzuki Nene (柚木音々), Yukawa Mahiro (結川まひろ), and Hayasaki Yuri (早崎友理).
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