Aqua Note – Aqua no oto (1st Album)

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Aqua Note – Aqua no oto (1st Album)

September 10, 2019


Average age 14 years. A six-person idol unit based on water. One year and a half of them, who have grown up cleanly and correctly with a certain song as a weapon, appear as a single album! (C) RS

平均年齢14歳。水をコンセプトとした6人組アイドルユニット。確かな楽曲を武器に、清く正しく成長してきた彼女たちの1年半が一枚のアルバムになって登場! (C)RS
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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. いろみず
2. Don’t you?
3. 水花火
4. ラブ☆サマー
5. 乙女心はアクアマリン
6. 八月の空
7. なみだリプライ
8. 水のかたち
9. 挑発Selfish
10. 閃光少女
11. 夕立とアンチノミー
12. 「これから」
13. ソメイヨシノが咲く頃に
14. ドリームノート



Aquanote (アクアノート) is an idol group formed in 2018. At formation, the average age of Aquanote was 14 years old! The six-member idol unit is formed with the concept of “water”. Aquanote’s solo debut live was on April 22, 2018 at Ebisu CreAto. Aquanote’s current lineup includes members Aishima Hina (逢嶋ひな), Minami Momoka (美波ももか), Yumesaki Maho (夢咲摩萌), Sayama Suzuka (佐山すずか), Takanashi Arisa (高梨有咲), and Futaba Juri (双葉樹里).
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