Appare! Harajuku – Upper Light Up (3rd Single)

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Appare! Harajuku – Upper Light Up (3rd Single)

May 1, 2019


A number that is convincing with loud rock sound and conscious of liveliness
A song that expresses the group’s willingness and willingness to tackle the new front with a new system.

In addition to offering songs such as animation songs and idol songs, his arrangement and arrangement includes his artist’s rock band “PENGUIN RESEARCH”, artist as vocaloid P “kemu”, and player face as well.
NOBE works with many idol group names such as Momoiro Clover Z “Run!”

What’s new “IDOL” “heavenly sunny! Harajuku” that no one has seen yet
It is an idol group formed in order to create “Tenkyuri!” KAWAII culture like “Harajuku” which takes in KAWAII from all over the world and produces its own culture, and to transmit it to the world.


作編曲には、アニメソング、アイドルソング等の楽曲提供に加え、自身のロックバンド「PENGUIN RESEARCH」、ボーカロイドP「kemu」としてのアーティスト、プレイヤーの面も併せ持つ堀江晶太
作詞にはももいろクローバーZ「走れ! 」などアイドルグループの名ナンバーを多く手掛けるNOBE

まだ誰も見たことがない新しい「IDOL」『天晴れ! 原宿』とは
世界中のKAWAIIを取り入れ独自のカルチャーを生み出していく「原宿」のように「天晴れ! 」なKAWAIIカルチャーを創造し、世界に発信していくために結成されたアイドルグループである。

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Tracklist Information
CD Track List

1. アッパライナ
2. 虹をかけろ!
3. カタ想ヒ
+ instrumentals



Appare! Harajuku (天晴れ!原宿) is an Japanese idol group formed in 2016. All the members at the time of formation were scouted in Harajuku. The producer is Ryo Kano . Agency Ltd. TAKENOKO . The affiliation label is Nippon Columbia. Unveiled on July 2, 2016, Appare! Harajuku formed as a new “IDOL” that incorporates KAWAII from all over the world and creates its own culture that no one has seen yet. Like “Harajuku,” the average age of 17 years old was created to create Appare! Harajuku. The current Appare! Harajuku lineup includes members Asahina Rei (朝比奈 れい), Narumi Miku (成実 みく), Fujimiya May (藤宮 めい), Nagahori Yume (永堀 ゆめ), Nanase Rea (七瀬 れあ), Kodo Noka (工藤のか), and Suzz Aoi (藍井 すず).
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