Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 209 (3.23.17)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 3/23/2017
Rating 7/10

Odekake Wanted Part Two. Good show, but it’s pretty much just more of the same from last week.

First of all, Sashihara and Goto had a completely random chat this time. There are some stories about good old times, celebrity signatures in restaurants and shops, ice cream and a whole bunch of different stuff to talk about.

The going out segment is a second part of “Odekake Wanted” from last week. Two teams of four HKT48 members are each walking around two different cities in Fukuoka. They all wear weird sunglasses and have to take them off to find a “face in the hole” photo stand.

It was quite nice. Girls stumbled upon some interesting places, from cool looking ship-restaurant to a closed horse racing track and a lot of random streets and shops.

Needless to say, on the way, both teams managed to try some local food, feed a horse and talk to some locals. It’s pretty much everything you might expect from a show like that, so this makes it just a little bit uninspired.

It was rather expected but Murashige Anna got the MVP title.

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