Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 204 (2.23.17)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 2/23/2017
Rating 5/10

The second part of last week’s chicken factory tour. But this time Sasshi and Goto don’t have anything interesting to say.

Sashihara and Goto started with the usual food talk. Following with the theme of the past, they talked about all sorts of hot pot dishes.

They also discussed some everyday habits, for example “do you get up early in the morning to get everything prepared?” or “do you prefer to wait until the last minute?”

On the going out segment, four HKT48 members work at the meat factory, looking at how that mizutaki is made. They all wear a uniform with big masks, so unfortunately you cannot recognize them at all.

While the other one’s are doing all the hard work, the other four members visit the company’s boss at his home and enjoy his generous hospitality with some premium Shatobrian.

Big fan of this fancy food, Yamashita Emiri got MVP title.

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