Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 203 (2.16.17)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 2/16/2017
Rating 7/10

Sasshi-P talks about her idol-seiyuu group while HKT48 members eat chicken. If something about this sounds like news to you then it’s worth a watch.

Sashihara starts the show with frighteningly accurate Akimoto Yasushi impersonation. She now has her own idol group to produce.

It’s a project within Yoyogi Animation Academy, and she’s already worked with this school alongside Akimoto Yasushi and several other big names. But now she has to make her own seiyuu idol group. Of course, Goto immediately made it into a subject for jokes on Sasshi.

Later, a question from Rikopi switches the conversation to the more usual topic of pajamas and other clothes to sleep in.

It seems like it’s quite cold outside in Hakata, so on this odekake segment eight HKT48 members came to the restaurant to have some hot boiled chicken.

The Head of this restaurant chain treated girls to their special mizutaki. And after that, when the team split up, he showed four group members his fancy house. The four other girls went to the factory to see how and what this mizutaki is made of. Apparently we’ll see more of that next week.

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