Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 195 (12.08.16)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 12/8/2016
Rating 3/10

Simple mixture of unreleased footage from the show. Mostly not worth watching.

There’s not much to say about this Odekake episode. It’s just a bunch of cuts that didn’t make it on to the earlier shows.

Sashihara and Goto talked about halloween, movies, HKT48 members. They also showed some more footage from Sasshi’s dinner show.

It’s mostly moments from first segment of the show, with just about five minutes total excerpts from going out segment.

It could be great if it was some bloopers or some interesting unusual moments that didn’t make to the final cut of the show, but no, it’s only a couple more minutes from several recent episodes of the show.

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