Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 190 (11.03.16)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 11/3/2016
Rating 8/10

This is the second Odakake in a row about pro wrestling. If you want to see HKT48 members girls get sweaty doing some wrasslin’ training, you might want to watch it.


There is no particular theme for today’s studio segment, So they just chat about all sorts of stuff. Starting with women in pro wrestling, the conversation goes thru Morning Musume (again), cooking shows, reward cards and somehow; even earthworms. Goto enjoys bringing a disgusted expression on Sashihara’s face.

Just like last week, on the actual ‘going out’ part, HKT members take a look at the life of the Kyushu Pro Wrestlers. Two teams spend time with the wrestlers. One team takes part on a spartan physical training on the ring, involving push-ups and standing upside down on the bridge position.


The girls really give it everything they got and end up exhausted; but sometime later they get rewarded with the chance of hitting a wrestler on the chest as hard as they can. Masked Kojina Yui (aka Takana) and Tashima Meru give it a shot, only to get the latter HKT member on the receiving end of a swinging wrestling move.

The other team goes along with the australian-born wrestler, Scott. The girls visit his surprisingly tidy living space, and help make a champion’s lunch.

This week’s MVP ended up in a tie, with Masked Kojina and Tashima Meru taking the champion belt.


Thanks to Kaibun for writing this recap.

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