Episode Recap: Odekake Ep 181 (09.01.16)

HKT48のおでかけ! Air Date: 08/25/2016
Rating 7/10

We’re back on track with the usual odekake episodes. It feels a bit rushed with the vast variety of stuff going on in just over 20 minutes.

There is an annual special issue of Anan magazine, it’s called “Sex makes you Beautiful” (SEXでキレイになる) and this year Sashihara is on the cover. So they are discussing that and then they switch moods by talking about their favorite seasons.

The going out part is not so controversial. Two teams of HKT members are wandering through Akihabara.
First team is going to Danso-bar, where several young ladies dressed as handsome bartenders give them cocktails and make them blush.

Meanwhile, second team is going to Ninja house. Girls will get dressed like female ninjas – kunoichi and then have a look at some ninja weapons. A master ninja will give them lesson on shuriken throwing, and the girls will show some deadly skills during practice.

After some more ninja talk Goto will name his MVP – Kojina Yui, who was acting all weird as usual at the danso-bar.

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