Episode Recap: Keyakitte Kakenai Ep 51 (09.18.16)

Keyakitte Kakenai Airdate: 9.18.16

Rating: 7/10

Feeling that the site is in dire need of some Keyakizaka46 love, I’ve taken it upon myself to share the greatness that is Keyakitte Kakenai, the group’s regularly ongoing show.

This week’s episode picks up with the quintessential panning shot of all the girls with the girls on the right side doing a cute pose.

MC, Tsuchida Teruyuki is quick to comment on how sparse the girls in attendance are, jokingly asking if half of them have already quit the group. Of course regular viewers of the show will know that the girls have once again been split into the “intelligent team” and the “obaka team”.

Having lost the “Summer Project Battle” a few episodes prior, the intelli-team are forced to remain on the sides quietly during the filming of this episode except for an unreasonable request from the obaka-team.


After a few quips we get to the real meat of the episode, A “Summer Break Enjoyment Tour” where the obaka-team along with guests, manzai duo, Rocchi visit “Nasu Animal Kingdom”. Personally I’m a bigger fan of getting to see the not so “idol” side of the girls but it’s always nice to see them being cute. Even Uemura Rina, who’s not so good with animals gets in on the action and feeds the rabbits.keyakitte-kakenai-051-002

The show doesn’t include much action variety-wise, but you get to see cute girls reacting cutely to cute animals so it’s still enjoyable. We get a few good laughs though at intelli-team member, Oda Nana’s expense when the girls visit the camel pen. Suzumoto Miyu shows off her reaction prowess once again here and Mizuho Habu attempts to feed it a carrot with her mouth.


The last part of their Nasu Animal Kingdom trip is a minigame where the girls go bare-handed fishing, with a barbeque as a reward. The catch (see what I did there?) is only one member can partake of the barbeque per fish caught. So now we get to see some sweet down and dirty idol fishing action. Unfortunately despite their best efforts (and not so best from some) the girls are only able to procure 11 fish despite a 13 member obaka-team.


In true variety fashion they’re given one last chance to pick their crème de la crème to represent them. No one wants to sit through the awkward selection of the two members who don’t get to eat barbeque anyway so it’s a win-win for girls and viewers alike. With only 2 fish left to go to the Fish Senbatsu clinches the victory and we get to drool watching them eat some barbeque as well as the fish they worked so hard to catch.


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