Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 434 (3.28.17)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 3/28/2017

Rating 8/10

An epic eating competition which should determine further destiny of current AKBINGO! hosts. Everything from tasty pizza to fried insects.

The battle between team AKBingo and team 8 continues. If AKBingo team loses this three round fight, the show’s MC will have to step down for the other presenters.

It all started last week with the kickball game. So this time, to balance things out it was an eating competition. A bit more regular theme for an idol show, but they spiced things up with lots of fried insects and tension from the outcome of this battle.

At first, it was pure horror with meaty larva and crunchy silkworm pupae which even the host of this place admitted tasted awful. Despite that, the girls were bravely chewing all of this delicious stuff and happily described what it’s like.

Later on, the game changed to a more usual competitive eating. All members of each team simultaneously ate pizza followed by sweet rice balls. These were a serious challenge, which caused some to have to eat through tears. And there was a lot more crying when the winner was determined.

AKB48 performed their new “Shoot Sign” single one more time. Now it was an AKBINGO studio version with Okada Nana center.

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