Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 426 (1.31.17)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 1/31/2017

Rating 8/10

The AKB48 members are in comedy training school!!! Great episode outside of the usual studio stuff.

Team 8 members attended a comedian class to develop their comedy talents. That’s an extremely useful skill for major Idols, but it doesn’t come easily, especially with the young group members. So there was a lot of jokes and gags but also a lot of tears over the pressure of being funny.

As soon as seven AKB48 members came on a trial lesson at Yoshimoto comedy training school, they got pranked immediately by the teachers and other class members. And this is where this weird mixture of laughs and tears started.

The girls showed their usual self-introduction catchphrases and practiced acting skills by playing reacting ridiculously to meaningless things. At the end, several girls showed two pre-prepared scenes.

It was almost equally entertaining to watch them pull off successful gags as it was to see them shed tears over own failures.

A mixture of Team 8 West and East performed «Shishunki no Adrenaline» from «High Tension» single.

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