Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 417 (11.22.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 11/22/2016

Rating 7/10

Four AKB48 members show skills they managed to perfect in a week. Good show, especially if you care about today’s participants.


The girls have learned some skills in just one week and now will demonstrate them to public. It is going to be ranked, but the judge is MC Muramoto, so there is absolutely no hope of a fair judging.

Ino Miyabi performed Flying Get on shamisen. One week seems like plenty of time for just one song, but the instrument itself is kinda tricky.

Next is Omori Miyu. She really likes dog’s, so for this show, she memorized 196 dog breeds. They made it looks like “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?” challenge. In some cases Miyu wasn’t confident, So her test ended up being quite thrilling.

Taniguchi Megu was engaged in rhythmic gymnastics in elementary school. She decided to re-establish her skills with hoop.

And finally, Oguri Yui showed her special skill of being cute. Apparently, she learned scooping goldfish. It wasn’t anything impressive, but the judges did not hide their bias.

Special attention to Oguri Yui becomes clear, when at the end of the show we have MV for “Happy end”, song by Renacchis subunit, with Yui in center.


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