Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 416 (11.15.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 11/15/2016

Rating 8/10

HKTINGO! part two.
The battle between HKT48 and AKB48 members continues. Show gets more physical this time, but keeps about the same amount of entertainment.


Last week HKT48 members came on akbingo to say that they are better and they deserve a show like this. Now it’s time to prove it. The winner gets the pride and respect.. and a cake, made of meat. So you know it’s serious.

At first, “hold your bride” contest. Three pairs from both groups were holding one another in arms. The last pair standing gets the win for the team.


Next, girls tried get three kids laughing. It’s the usual fooling around challenge, but those kids were surprisingly tough. Luckily one team has some professionals in this field.

The last challenge is dodgeball. Another reliable way to sort things out on this show. But you can’t go wrong with it. One team completely crushed the other and the final was pretty dramatic.

AKB48 46’s single “High Tension” comes out november 16. Studio performance of this song concludes today’s show.

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