Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 413 (10.26.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 10/26/2016

Rating 10/10

Halloween special with a lot of very original halloween costumes and characters. If you want to watch a great show and be surprised, read no further, this is a must watch episode.


Halloween is near, so this is a great opportunity to see idols in original costume. AKB48 went further on this show. Their costumes are super original, and they play their character with so much passion.. it is truly hilarious.

So the studio is already full of cute nurses and witches, but 10 more group members are waiting backstage. We’re going to list them all here, so go watch the show now if you want to get really surprised.


“Obaka kombi” of Oshima Ryoka and Nishino Miki in the role of Peco and Ryucheru duo.

Honda Hitomi blew up the dance floor with her PERFECT HUMAN (by Radio Fish) impersonation.

Owada Nana and Nakanishi Chiyori went for hilarious iphone and Steve Jobs duo. Chori was speaking english the whole time, and Owada was acting like Siri.

What can surprise after that Apple performance? That’s right, Donald Trump himself by Izuta Rina.

Iwatate Saho will cool down the stage with her impressive samurai image of Sanada Yukimura.

Next, Ogasawara Mayu as Hirano Nora, ridiculous character of a fancy diva from the 80s.

Finally, there’s Okabe Rin and Oda Erina as Sushi Zanmai guy and his favorite tuna. You probably saw a commercial with this happy guy spreading his arms over big tuna.

Everyone is having fun, Trump, Jobs and everyone else have interesting interactions with each other. And they all participate in Halloween Night studio performance at the end.


After that halloween madness is over, watch live performance of 46th single High Tension from janken taikai.

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