Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 412 (10.18.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 10/18/2016

Rating 9/10

Great show this week. The AKB members eat mustard, dip their faces into flour and bump into each other at full speed.


This is the second part of regular girls vs rare girls battle from last week. It looks like a lot of stuff ended up outside of 23 minute first part. But they were able to fit it into this episode. It’s really good. So like the previous episode, AKB members will face several challenges. It’s everyone for themselves.

First, the girls must eat a cream puff. Some of them are filled with custard, while others contains mustard. No matter which puff she got, if the member says that it’s good and act like it really is – it’s a pass. Pretty hilarious to watch how a girl says that it is “oishii” while there are tears pouring from her eyes.


Second battle is bubble sumo. Girls are bumping into each other, trying to push their rival out of the ring. Too bad that we only get to see three rounds, because it just looks super fun.

In the last round, girls have to find a candy in big pile of flour. At first they not allowed to use their hands, so they ended up completely covered in flour.

Who cares about the result when the process itself is so good. At the end we got some more reactions from 1st mustard puffs challenge. Don’t miss it.


Also watch studio version of “Halloween Night” with this week’s participants towards the end of the show.

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