Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 409 (09.27.16)

AKBINGO! Air Date: 9/27/2016

Rating 9/10

Second half of the ultimate idol battle between Yukirin and Mayuyu. If you haven’t yet, watch both last week’s and today’s episodes. It’s really good.


Who’s the best idol Kashiwagi Yuki or Watanabe Mayu? Again, there’s two teams of AKB members, one supports Yukirin, the other – Mayuyu. And this time they will compete in how well they know and love their leader.

First round is air balloon tennis. For each hit, girls have to say something good about their idol. It quickly became an original compliment competition.

Next is another regular variety show competition. Breath Sumo battle between Sakaguchi Nagisa and Mukaichi Mion. They will try not to eat huge fried bug, but of course, one of them has to lose.


Last round is somewhat original. Girls are answering questions about their leaders, while Yukirin and Mayuyu themselves are running on a treadmill. This thing will stop only after 3 right answers.

Some questions are difficult, but some of it is suspiciously obvious. Because of that, the show goes completely off the rails at the end.

After all that, today’s show ends with live version of Love Trip with Oguri Yui in the center.


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