Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 400 (07.26.16)

AKBINGO Air Date: 7/26/2016

Rating 8/10

Good episode with a lot of rumbling, batsu games and Nishino Miki. Any of these things would be enough to consider it worth watching.


This episode focuses on a few one on one battles between AKB members. The kind of battle is decided by “a random ball picking machine” straight from muchaburi dodgeball.


The theme is that girl picks her opponent herself. She “calls out” someone she has some problem with. So the two rivals spend a lot of time talking about each other in between each round. So there was only enough time for 4 fights this time.

Kizaki Yuria battles Kato Rena in a “take your opponent’s socks off battle.”


Nishino Miki challenges Komiyama Haruka. Winner must be in a frame on a timed mobile photo and not let the other steal her selfie.


Next is Oguri Yui versus team 8 (actually vs team 8’s Yokoyama Yui). They will try to find out who is faster on a mobile message typing challenge.


And finally Owada Nana fights Nishino Miki in a pop a balloon with water above your rival’s head duel.


There are different sorts of punishment for the losers, so some of these girls will not only risk their pride but will be eating weird stuff or being electrocuted too.

The show ends with studio version of LOVE TRIP from AKB’s latest single.

Akbingo Love Trip

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