Episode Recap: AKBingo Ep 394 (06.14.16)

AKBINGO Air Date: 6/14/2016)
Rating: 9/10

Bad Boys graduating from AKBINGO! part 1

Almost a usual fun episode. If you care about The BadBoys and the show itself you should definitely watch it.


The Bad Boys duo is graduating from Akbingo! after 8 years being on the show. This whole episode is purely about that. But before everyone starts crying we will look at some of the great moments with Bad Boys. And girls in the studio will try their best in a quiz show about the MC duo.

What did Takamina say when they revealed their “graduation” prank back in 2011?

What was Kyoto’s drunk newscaster character name in the “News48” segment from 2008?

They also looked through some of group member’s points about guys, getting some interesting reactions from Sata.

Today’s song is a studio acoustic performance of “Tsubasa wa Iranai” (翼はいらない) from Team 8 and Kurena Cho on guitar.

Next week will be the real farewell episode with lot’s of tears from everyone. And one more thing, when Bad Boys will graduate, ONE OF THE GROUP MEMBERS WILL GRADUATE WITH THEM.


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  1. dude this ep was great … i love kiyoto … he is funny

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