Episode Recap: AKBINGO Ep 393 (06.07.16)

AKBINGO Air Date: 6/07/2016

Shine! The 4th Love Song Awards

This week we’ll see the continuation of love song contest. The girls wrote their own love songs, and now perform them in the studio and explain the meanings behind the lyrics.

akbingo-393-participantsSingers: Tano Yuka (AKB), Kojima Mako (AKB), Tanaka Natsumi (HKT), Nishino Miki (AKB)

With the same supporting musicians/comedians from last week:

akbingo-392-doburokkuDoburokku どぶろっく
akbingo-392-hanawaHanawa はなわ

Kojima Mako with Hanawa

Song Title: We should be friends (友達だったはずなのに)

About: A somewhat serious song about her suddenly realizing her feelings to her school friend.

She did a great job writing this song. It’s a good fit for her. A groovy and energetic prefomance with Hanawa’s guitar driven band.

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Tanaka Natsumi wiith Doburokku

Song Title: The reason to love you (あなたを好きな理由)

About: This song is about her only problem. She’s really tall for a 15yo girl. And it’s not that easy when the difference betwen you and your love is a good 8 inches.

She’s not that great of a singer, and her lyrics don’t really sound like a song lyrics. It’s supposed to be just a funny joke song but Natsumi looks like she knows what she’s singing about.

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Nishino Miki with Hanawa

Song title: First confession (初めての告白)

About: Looks like the title says it all. But there’s a problem. The guy in this ridiculous story is half Russian. And Miki is playing on that.

Miki does a whole role playing confession scene in the middle of the song. And she speaks in Russian. You better see this.

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Tano Yuka with Doburokku

Song title: The first jelousy (初めてのジェラシ)

About: This song sounded so serious, I didn’t even get what it was all about. But it was full of real girl’s emotions.

Tano’s song is probably the only one really serious on this show. Not that it is out of place. Besides her singing skills are really good.

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Music: MV of 44th Single “Tsubasa wa iranai”

Winner: Kojima Mako

Next Week: Will be special. There is a very important announcement at the end of this episode. Don’t miss it!

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