Eneggskay Episode 1

Recorded February 19th, 2012.


A show about Eggs! Dae and Tron sit down and discuss what makes the egg awesome, some of their favorite egg dishes, and also best practices on how to prepare and cook eggs.

Twitter Links:
Dae’s Twitter – newschooldae
Ayrton’s Twitter – atr0n

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How Tron makes his Scramble eggs

How Tron makes his omelettes ((minus the rice))

Link to the Flipino Dish Balut ((SEMI-NSFW, PRETTY GROSS STUFF))

How Dae makes an Omelette, The Julia Child way

Also demonstrated by master Jaques Pepin

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  1. This is great! More spin-off podcasts!!

  2. I can’t believe you actually made this podcast! :)

    I thought it was eggcellent………..

  3. I also can’t believe you actually made this podcast and can’t believe i listened to the whole thing. I like hellopro egg discussion, I think their training is definitely beginning to pay off. I think they may be grooming Karin to be a solo artist or in a new group because if they’re not they are really dropping the ball.

    If you’re going to be doing just random podcasts like this I would like to suggest one about Kojima Haruna’s ears…thank you.

    P.S. I predict that Mogi Minami will be Tron’s new Oshimen once Gaki leaves.

  4. I thought you guys were joking when you spoke about this on the podcast. Thanks, it was very EGG-ucational!

  5. As a Filipino, I never thought of balut as something disgusting, though there was a point in my life when I felt pity for the chick- then I realized it was bound to eaten anyway, or killed in some cockfighting arena.

    Also, you’re not supposed to look at the embryo while eating anyway- just make a little hole at a side that feels hollow, then put in some salt, and sip the embryo along with the broth inside the egg.

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