Here’s To Another Endless Summer…

I’ve been criticized before, sometimes rightly so, for being overly negative and extremely demanding of my media. Videos games, Idols, Music come under incredibly harsh scrutiny and few pass my exceptionally high standards.

I’ve come to accept this part of my personality as a two-headed beast, both making my opinions unique as well as incredibly frustrating. So I’m thankful for my friends who do their best to accommodate for my quirks. But even with those quirks, I still feel that I am pretty easily excitable. I’m passionate about my loves in life and none of them have stirred my excitement like J-Pop Idols have over the last year.

With August ending, it marks the end of summer and a year since I first joined Ayrton and Dae in person for AX, eventually leading to us doing weekly Idol shows. My friendship with those two, which began from just from a few casual conversations through AIM, developed into what’s now known as NSK. And though I was an Idol fan long before but it wasn’t until I met them that I really saw my fandom grow in ways I never could have imagined. As I see more people joining in “Idol” conversation, I realize that this hobby really is a social one. Like sports where people get together and talk about their favorite players or start friendly rivalries, Idols are best enjoyed with others.

While other parts of my life (job, family, relationship) have had their ups and downs, the energy and positivity from our genre of music has remained a powerful constant, something I hope we’ll be able to share with more others.

The last three months really did make up the greatest Idol Summer in history. New groups and established groups came together to create a summer that really seemed like it would never end. I want to save my look back and opinions for another post, but for now I want to say thanks to everyone who stopped by NSK this year and especially thanks to those who stayed around.

Here’s to many more great memories and friendships made,

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