Eating Your Just Desserts

So, is it wrong to have idol music be your main diet? Because let’s face it, few exceptions aside, this is basically the frozen Snickers Cheesecake™ of the musical pyramid. A franken-food that takes well-established dishes and slaps on its own commercial, mass-marketable hook. These things are great!

These crack-laced bundles of love are fun to eat, make you feel good, and won’t judge you. I will leap at any chance to pump theobromine, aphrodisiacs, and endorphins straight into my veins, but ultimately they’re not as filling or nurturing as let’s say, a deluxe sandwich with essential carbs, vitamins and proteins.


Yes, some idol songs are the full package: they may completely satisfy the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual needs that we as humans crave from music, but mass marketed pop in general isn’t known or designed to transcend the medium.

I’m sure there are a fair share of gluttonous, sweet-toothed veteran idol aficionados out there who somehow end up miraculously well-balanced but I’m talking about the relatively normal joe here— one of the newly initiated who may have only been a fan for a year or even less. How you spend that impressionable first year after you discover the cocaine-like properties of idols is arguably one of the most important in this fandom, because without self-moderation and perspective, things can go horribly ugly.

What happens to a man who lives off of desserts for a year? Well, if he hasn’t yet died a painful death caused by malnutrition, you can bet your ass that he fucking hates desserts. Why? Because we get sick of things we’re around all the time. He may enjoy it at first, but the more he eats them, the more incessantly picky he will become.

We as people are always looking to refine what we like and dislike, but in a vacuum we tend to go a little crazy and lose all perspective. After a few months of chocolate and full-blown diabetes, he’ll complain about how it all tastes the same and how it’s all garbage, no accounting for taste. He’ll find more and more things to bitch about until he finally croaks from choking on a Ferrero Rocher— but not before he does sufficient damage to everyone around him.

The unfortunate side effect of having a western fanbase that would only be possible over the internet is the fact that you have to deal with these types constantly. Just like when you found out that 90% of the anime out there was shit, it’s basically the same situation here with the internet and people’s attitudes. Whether he thinks he’s some sort of cool guy with mind-blowing “truth bombs” or the white knight of justice, chances are he’s just bugging the shit out of the people around him.

What’s worse, he’ll continue to linger around and be the loudest mouth in the room for no other reason other than to stroke his own ego. His poisonous words will grow, and like a virus, it’ll irritate, flame, and spread until the community either pushes him out, or tears itself apart and turns into an inbred, delusional shanty town.

It often makes me wonder if the state of the eternally disgruntled idol fan is a result of over-saturation— a diet of too much fat and sugar and not enough of the green leafy stuff. Just as I can’t lambast a Reese’s Cup for not giving me my much needed potassium, sometimes I feel that people who are constantly frustrated because they aren’t getting what they want from idol music are often those who forget what they’re looking at: a fatty, sumptuous, artery-clogging block of sugar.

Like many aspects of entertainment, some things exist to enhance life, not sustain it: this is one of those things. This is the salt that seasons your steak, the whipped cream on your strawberry— they’re here to add extra pep to your life. If something didn’t match your taste, big fucking deal! Just hope the next one is better or move on. The stakes really aren’t that high here. It’s one thing to see what you like with a critical eye, but it’s another thing to be a whine factory. Actually enjoy this genre as a fan, and show the people around you that you’re enjoying it. Don’t be that guy.

If you find yourself not liking something anymore, then just ditch it. Toss it like an old hat. You’ll be better off for it. Don’t poke your head back in, just keep looking forward and keep enjoying the things you still find entertaining. Sometimes people feel the inexplicable need to stick around simply because they’ve been doing it for a long time. That’s the dumbest fucking thing in the world! Why put yourself through that?!

Take a break, enjoy some other shit for a while. Revisit your old loves, explore new tastes. Don’t ever trap yourself in a bubble— there’s more than candy cheesecake out there! Keeping things in perspective and giving yourself variety will only grow your appreciation of things you love and promote a healthy, asshole-free attitude.


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-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan

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  1. You described this so perfectly to chocolate, sweets and all things dessert that I have no idea what to say XD

  2. PREACH.

    I experienced this with theatre, I’m just glad I know better now so I can still enjoy my idols!

    Great article man!

  3. Truer words have not been spoken. I tend to take “breaks” from idols as well just to keep my sanity, or in this case to keep my palate from rotting.

    Too much of anything is never a good idea, and I think there are plenty of people out there that could use a dose of this reality.

  4. Well said Dae. I believe you could not have put it a better way. Regrettably, there are those out there that spend too much time on the negative side of things. Sadly many might feel that the AKB quality has gone down compared to years past, and feel that they need to focus on this particular aspect. Not only does this attitude segregate themselves from a community, but it potentially damages new fans stumbling onto the idol scene (as I have no doubt that the majority of new idols fans discover AKB before any other group). Better to focus on the things you love, than on the things you don’t like, that way you might help others discover further aspects of idol fandom.

  5. I can survive solely on idol music and drum&bass.
    just like spaghetti-o waffle sandwiches.
    akb is like the waffles, and dnb is like the speghetti-o’s.

  6. I suppose in many ways I have been lucky in my idol fandom, not being that long term I seem to have fallen in with a good crowd on Twitter and other sources (yes including NSK) who all seem to share a sort of level headedness which has kept me involved as I will admit I have been scared of in some places by partisan (and sometimes just plain hateful views)

    It also helps that idol never were fully the be all and end all for me, I’m not really around on weekends much because I’m off playing sport and I’m also a scout leader too (no I don’t own any dangerously short shorts) and these on top of other things make idols part of my balanced diet, that pudding that i look forward too after a good meal……

    And yes sometimes there are times that too much pudding can be had and I get sick of it and i stay clear of puddings for a while but after a few pudding free days i fell ready for a bit of sweetness in my life again, it is pudding after all…..

  7. Idols are obviously awesome, but yeah its good to take breaks. I usually space out my listening every month to two months or so by switching between idol music and metal or electronica, its healthy and also keeps me sane so I’m not overloaded on br00tal or sweets :P

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