Dominating the Top Singles List of 2010 Are?

Top Ten Singles of 2010:

1. Beginner(AKB48)—————954,283
2. Heavy Rotation(AKB48)——-713,275
3. Troublemaker(ARASHI)——-698,542
4. Monster(ARASHI)————–696,022
5. Ponytail to Shushu(AKB48)—659,959
6. Hatenai Sora(ARASHI)——–656,343
7. Love Rainbow(ARASHI)——620,057
8. Chance no Junban(AKB48)—596,769
9. Dear Snow(ARASHI)———–591,207
10. To be free(ARASHI)———–516,142

If I had to predict what would happen in 2010,  never would have guessed that AKB48 would break half as many records as they did, let alone release the top two biggest selling singles of the year.  AKB and ARASHI dominated the top list to the point where it’s a little absurd, but this really has been an absurd year.  Look forward to the 2010 Idol Awards Show that we’ll be doing soon!


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  1. Here’s to an equally (if not more) successful 2011!

  2. Chance no Junban already has 600k and its only been out for like two weeks? Great news. Also it’s interesting how only two groups occupy the top ten singles for the year. (and idol groups at that)!

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