Doing it Wrong.

i like this song, but the video…egh.

all this potential, and this is all you got to show for it?  not fond of the extremely short dance scenes or the static, strange-but-boring-whatever-it-is that’s going on in the PV.  and someone who worked on this REALLY liked all the lens flaring from the recent star trek film.

maeda atsuko, oshima yuko, itano tomomi, watanabe mayu, takahashi minami, kojima haruna, and kashiwagi yuki; the all-star of all subgroups, and this comes out.

don’t get me wrong, it’s not terrible; the song is great, but the disappointing video makes me wish they made a second one.

in other news, there’s a radio rip of AKB’s new single floating around on youtube. it will probably have an awesome PV, but i’m not blown away by the song.  maybe it’s too simple?  maybe it’ll grow on me.

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