Docu “To Be Continued” Lives Up to its Name

AKB48’s first feature film, ‘Documentary of AKB48 To be Continued’ covered the team shuffle of late 2009 and gave insight into how it shaped AKB in 2010.

The title of the documentary was ambiguous as to what “To be Continued” meant but now that 2011 is coming to an end, there was an announcement that a “part two” of the documentary was coming out and is planned to release on January 27, 2012; looks like it really was “to be continued” after all. AKS has been on a roll with granting all my wishes lately. This second part, named ‘Documentary of AKB48: Show Must Go On’, seems to cover events of 2011; and the trailer aptly reminds us that it has been one crazy year:

From the clips they show, it looks like the film will be covering several events: this year’s senbatsu election, the Seibu Dome concert, Oba Mina’s suspension, the creation of Team 4 and of course, the aftermath of the earthquake and relief efforts. Another welcome note is that the director of this documentary is Takahashi Eiki, who is known for having directed a great number of AKB48 PVs since they started, including Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou, Iiwake Maybe, Ponytail to Shushu, and even this year’s Ue Kara Mariko.

I really enjoyed watching ‘To Be Continued’ and look forward to ‘Show Must Go On’ because many of the members answer questions about key events that we don’t often get to hear. People can brush off idol groups and AKB48 as being part of a cold and calculating money-making machine, but it would be a mistake to ignore the other side of the coin, which consists of very motivated girls trying to make it in the entertainment industry, and these films expose the more human and sympathetic side, as well as the incredible drive they possess.

In the beginning of the trailer you hear Takahashi Minami lamenting to the members, “If we are to continue performing the way we did tonight, it will all be over”, and it’s an immediate reminder of how AKB will never settle for anything less than the best they can give, and that their standards are limitless.

I have no idea if New People(responsible for bringing ‘To be Continued’ to the US) are planning on bringing this film to the states but it would be very welcome to have that assurance, so fingers crossed.


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  1. Super excited for this as well. The first documentary was great and I love seeing content like this. The preview footage so far looks like the documentary will cover things I really want to see, such as the visits to the disaster areas. I’m a sucker for emotional scenes, it seems. Anyway, great to know that all those cameramen we see all over the place are contributing to great projects like this (and hopefully it becomes an annual thing).

  2. I’ve been debating about picking up the first documentary, but now that they’re making part 2 I’ll wait it out and hope for a special bundle.

  3. Great. More subs to wait for…

  4. Damn, I cant tell I will cry on more than one occasion while watching this. Apart from that, it looks great!

  5. The first film was really actually pretty good and interesting, this one’s sontents seem’s to be even more interesting than the first, what with the elections, siebu dome concert and scandals all thrown in it seems as though it’s going to give us more of an incite into perhpas what being in AKB is really all about.

    looking at the promo though it makes sense that they brought Oba Mina back, would seem a bit silly otherwise…..

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