DLJ’s Idol Talk: Flapping Legs Controversy?


Recorded November 16th, 2016

This week’s guest: Melody

DLJ sits down with Melody to talk about the controversy of flapping legs.

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One comment

  1. For me the Kamioshi is the just oshi you like the most.
    it’s not harem or something lol. As a fan it’s more supporting than having substitute girlfriend.
    Example, my Kamioshi is Yajima Maimi because it’s just the idol I respect the most.
    If i take those critearias : Appeal, personnality, dance skill and singing skill, she is the one with the highest scores beyond my other oshis.
    Once graduated the idol is not even idol anymore so i cannot even use the word oshi.
    I had no idea about the NGT48 flapping legs video, but yeah it’s quite…disturbing lol.

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