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Expanding on an formula that AKB first capitalized on with Ponytail to Shu Shu, Everyday Katchusha releases this week with more girls, more Guam, and more Bikinis. When Ponytail was first released, I was a little put off by AKS parading around their girls in swimwear. I felt it would send the wrong message and well, attract the creepos. It’s difficult to make the girls look classy when they’re dancing around in two pieces, but I think it came across rather well, at least compared to some of the other Idoling groups.

I’m a fan of swimsuits, not just because I’m a guy and Idols are nice to look at. The design aspect of women’s clothing has always been somewhat foreign to me. I’m someone who values purpose over style and function over design. When Ponytail first released, I had this idea that I’d identify all the members by their outfits. The chance passed me by but with Kachuusha I’ve been given another chance to do some detective work.

So here’s my report. For all you Haters of Bikinis, this post is probably not for you.

I’ve studied the picture evidence to determine the best looking bikinis. Here’s what I found from the usual suspects.

Maeda Atsuko & Takahashi Minami in the classic pairing. Maeda has definitely seen better outfits and Takahashi is still rocking the skirt wrap.

Team K cohorts Itano Tomomi & Oshima Yuko. I like Oshima’s belt but I can’t shake the feeling that they had more unique looks in Ponytail.

Shinoda Mariko, Watanabe Mayu, & Kojima Haruna. Mariko can do no wrong. I think everything she does is great. Case in point [Click Here] I leave the opinions about Watanabe and Kojima to you guys.

Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Jurina, & Matsui Rena. I’ve made the observation about Matsui Jurina and how I think that because she’s now older, management is transitioning to a more mature look. I don’t know if this look is best suited for her but I guess it’s worth a try.

Sashihara, Miyazawa, Minegishi. Sashihara wore one of my favorite looks in the PV. No one else had full on pink. From a glance Minegishi’s outfit too closely resembled Maeda’s.

Yamamoto Sayaka, Takajyo Aki, Yokoyama Yui. New girl and NMB member Yamamoto get the award for most frilly. I think it’s still weird to see Yokoyama so prominently featured. It’s also weird to see her in a bikini…

Pretty recognizable right? The first sixteen members were pretty easy to get pictures of. It’s a familiar senbatsu number and the pictures above probably come as no surprise. But what about the other ten members that were also in the PV. Can you remember what they were wearing? Do you even remember who else was there? Komori Mika? Kitahara Rie? How about Kikuchi Ayaka? Here’s where it got difficult but the evidence is there, even if you don’t recall seeing it.

There’s Kuromochi Asuka (left) and Kasai Tomomi (middle). You can also make out Masuda Yuka in the yellow, right behind Kasai. I was surprised that I didn’t notice Kasai during the PV but a lot of that has to do with lack of screen time.

I I was completely shocked to find Kitahara Rie (right) in the fold. I had no recollection of her even being in this PV. Watch for her to make a cameo in a couple other member’s screenshots.

Ota Aika (left) wasn’t nearly as difficult to find as some of the other members, but maybe that’s because I was actively looking for her. As always, she’s one of the cutest members and her swim wear matches that sentiment.

Through a process of elimination, Watanabe Miyuki from NMB must be the girl in the white shorts. Not bad, but not very memorable from what was shown. There’s Kitahara…. more proof that she was actually there and as always being her gorgeous self. Can you guess who the last two girls in the row are?

Here’s a better picture, it’s Sato Sumire and Komori Mika. Sato recognizable by her familiar hair. Komori is hard to see but this is the least blurry head on pictures I could capture.

And to round out the remaining three girls, there’s Kikuchi Ayaka to the left. Masuda Yuka in the middle. And Miyazaki Miho just behind Yokoyama Yui in the red.

Here’s Miho with another shot of Komori slightly left and behind her.

Overall, I still think I like Ponytail to Shu Shu better. I think the bikini’s were more memorable even though I really like Sashihara and Ota Aika’s in Everday Kachuusha. Is it because they are some of my favorite members? Or was Ponytail’s actually better. Maybe it’s time to do some more research, but that’s it for the detective work on Kachuusha.


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  1. ObnoxiousRelay

    Ah, interesting article, was looking forward to it when you first mentioned it. I just skimmed it but will read more in-depthly later.

  2. Kasai, Sumire, and Oshima’s swimsuit design/color schemes are my favorite from the PV; a lot of them either look too busy or too plain.

    I would say Ponytail’s looked better in general, but I think it also has to do with the dance shots being better in its PV in terms of lighting and camera work.

  3. Mariko’s swimsuit was the most memorable for me though I suppose Kasai’s (blink and you’d miss her) wasn’t bad either. The others were pretty unremarkable and easily forgettable though.

    Not as good as Ponytail but still pretty good by AKB’s high standards.

  4. so kasai IS in the PV. i was pissing my pants thinking that she wasnt there cause i didn’t see her at all

  5. I think one of the main problems with the bikini’s in this one is that thier are lots of similar bikini’s out there which all sort of blended the girls together a bit.

    As you said Mii-chan and Acchan’s bikinis are very similar and look at Yuko, Yui at Rie, thier bikins were all very similar, there are other examples of course but it was a lack of defining bikins and colours.

    Even though it was similar to others I did like Yuko bikini (I like the ‘belt’ bit on bikinis) and Sasshi stood out in the pik, though I didn’t really like the frilly bits on her bikini, Kasai wins for the best bikini I think me me though9of course it did have the big advantage of having Kasai in it at the time :) ) I just thought it was nice.

    Funny you should mention Sayaka Yamamoto being very frilly, I though it probably made her one of the girls that was the easiest to spot…. As for Yui, I kind of felt that she wasn’t as pushed as I thought she would of been in this PV, I just didn’t see her as much as I though I would

    Last but not least I feel like I need to talk about Takamina, why does she have to wear the most un-flattering type of Swim-skirt (or whatever thier called) know to man, I understand if she wants more that Bikini bottom but I’ve seen her wear skirts shorter than the bottoms she has on in this PV, why not go for something a bit more flattering, like the swim-skirt styke that Sumire is wearing, or shorts like Rena, Miyuki Wannatabe and other girls have on?

  6. Mayu’s polka dotted bikini is like a continuation of her bikini in the Ponytail PV, minus the skirt, the stars, and the various colors. In Ponytail, her bikini was a little plain, but in Katchusha she’s got bows and frilly fabric surrounding the seams, which I think accentuates her cute personality. The subtle use of denim straps give a nice contrast to the bright pink. Also, the striped underwear strikes some balance into the overall appearance of the outfit. It’s a small touch that prevents the outfit from being one big polka dotted bikini. In the end, I’d have to say that her bikini is alright, but she could pull off something better.

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