Didn’t Find Out Until Today

I was browsing last.fm last night when I found out the lead singer to one of my favorite bands died last year, the day before Christmas.  I didn’t even know what to think. Here I was looking to see if they had any new music and I find that they will never have any more. No more of his unique singing style and song writing. I feel like an asshole for not finding this out sooner. He wasn’t even thirty years old. What am I even supposed to feel?

Shimura Masahiko was the last original member of FujiFabric, basically he was FujiFabric.


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  1. Although I’ve never had the chance to discover this band myself, after watching and listening to that video, I deeply regret not knowing about them sooner. These guys sound amazing and knowing that there won’t be any more future tracks… :(

    Shimura Masahiko, well done, sir. Your music has brought on a new fan and will continue to bring on more fans in the future, I’m sure of it.

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