Dave unboxes Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase photo book “Fudangi”

Nishino Nanase is the second girl from Nogizaka46 to get her own full-fledged photo book (or photo album in this case). She is everyone’s favorite “boring-faced,” have a total crush on, take her to Taco Bell, perfect smile, girl-next-door. If I weren’t such a podcasting superstar, I’d be crushing on her harder than I am already crushing on her.

In all seriousness though, “Fudangi” (meaning casual clothes) is a great glimpse at Nishino Nanase in very casual and care-free attire. It won’t be winning any awards for the amount of white space it wastes nor for the many black and white photos it features, but it captures Nishino in a more casual setting, which I think fits her best. I think I’ve become fixated on the potential for her to be total girl-next-door material and this photo book only solidifies that imagination for me.

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