Dating An Idol: Fantasy Or Not (Moral Decision)


Take a moment to watch this short video.

Put yourself in the shoes of the young man sitting on the bench. Oshima Yuko walks up to you and says, “I love you” (not in “Heavy Rotation” style). In reality, this was just a neat commercial promoting the new dating game. In fantasy, this is a dream scenario for many fans that are in love with Oshima Yuko.


Lets just skip the details of how you would date Oshima Yuko (where you’d go on a date, etc) but focus on the impact of her dating someone like…(insert Wentz Eiji joke) YOU. This is a double-edged sword that SIGNIFICANTLY improves your romantic life, for those of us that are single. This decision to date an idol impacts her more than you can ever imagine and could possibly end her career. We all know about the archaic “no dating rule” in the world of idols but we’ve never been thrust into the situation where we had a chance to date one of these real and yet unreal girls. If you’re going to be someone who says, “I don’t have a chance and this is unrealistic and immature. Why would I think about this?”. Clearly this exercise isn’t for you so you will be kindly escorted out by my assistant, Non.

This exercise is not just about Oshima Yuko. It could be about any idol of your choosing. Someone who is an active idol and someone you think could make your kokoro dokidoki. So, put yourself in the young man’s shoes in the commercial featuring an idol you could see as a romantic candidate. Knowing in your head the rules associated with idols; will your conscience allow you to date an idol?

Can you deal with sneaking around at night after you get off your job/school or the idol gets off her job. You can not be seen in public or do anything that would suggest any kind of romance. Can you deal with that!? “Bro, she could just come over my place and hang out (we’ll leave out what you plan on doing with the idol in the comforts of your home)”.

If you were dating a senbatsu member, take for example Oshima Yuko or someone like a Maeda Atsuko. There are paparazzi following the idols’ every move. Shukan Bunshun admitted to staking out Maeda Atsuko for a month to capture this image.

The challenges that you would face to avoid being caught should be enough to discourage you from pursuing a romantic relationship with an active idol.

Can you live with the fact that if you were caught dating an idol, you could be crushing the dreams of hardcore fans who take the archaic “no dating rule” seriously? I can see some of you saying, “WE’RE IN LOVE I DON’T DON’T GIVE A SHIT ABOUT WHAT ANYONE SAYS”.

Well, that’s fine and dandy but this is also not just about you. Think of the pressure that the idols have to put up with now that they have been revealed to be involved in a romantic relationship which is against their contract. The constant bashing on 2ch, questions/flaming by fans on personal blogs, etc. Depending on the management, your idol could be suspended or even fired. Even if it’s just a suspension, it will certainly have a negative effect on their popularity as an idol. Well… Maybe…

The conclusion I’ve come to after thinking about the possibilities of dating an idol is that I would suggest that everyone wait until the idol has graduated from being an idol.




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  1. Good article guys!!!!

    Interesting to actually think about this!

    It may seem obvious but I think it is almost impossible to imagine what it would like to date someone famous, let alone the fact you would have to keep it secret….

    Not that the sneaking about so much, I mean, if we were in love enough to risk it than I would be willing to keep it ‘behind closed doors’ I admit it would be hard and most likely there would be moments where I wonder but I like to think I would stick with it…..

    Harder to live with might be the guilt of being with them, for me it would be like a catch 22, you love the idol so you want to be with them, but you love them enough that you will not be with them so that their career is protected, I know I could not really live with it if they were either caught, or even gave up their career for me, even if they said they were fine, it just would not sit right with me…..

    And your solution is the best, if indeed love is there, I think I might well be willing to wait for them to finish being an idol first….

  2. Man, if Oshima Yuko did that to me, I’d be like, “bitch you crazy.”

    As the somewhat idol purist I am (NO DATING FOREVER. VIRGIN BLOOD REQUIRED!), I would want my idol to make the decision to either pursue her career or to pursue romance.

    Logically, it’s kind of sad because there’s a higher chance of stability and long term value in pursuing a career. However, it must be tough being young and sheltered, emotions are always getting in the way.

    I am also a believer in true love prevailing over all else, but I have to admit, the odds are low that two people will feel that way about each other.

  3. I have actually thought about this subject before and came to the conclusion that there is no way I would want to date an idol. I do agree with the possibility that if the media found out about us that I would feel partially responsible (she shares part of the blame for wanting to peruse a relationship) for her getting into trouble and may have her idol career go up in flames. However, I think the bigger issue with me at least is that I refuse to be in a situation where we have to basically become undercover agents and have to hide our relationship from everyone. The amount of stress and paranoia is something I don’t want to deal with. We wouldn’t even be able to do something as simple as ride the train together or buy a bottle of water from a convenient store. I would rather be single and take my chances seeing if I could date her when her idol career is over if she isnt taken by then.

  4. Great images in this!

    I have to agree – await their Graduation. Also, don’t trust them if they are filming a CM.

    Also – Non, mind your language!

  5. A interesting thing to think about. If a idol asked me out I’d leave it to the idol to choose if she wanted to go forward with the relationship or not. I could deal with keeping it quiet. Then again being a female I could probably get away with more then a guy could hmm…

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