Danny Choo Presents the First Vocaloid to Perform Overseas: Hatsune Miku

How’s that for bizarre: A fictional musical Guest of Honor at Anime Expo. Danny Choo revealed on his blog that Hatsune Miku was coming to Anime Expo 2011. Hatsune Miku is a personification of a voice synthesizer created by Crypton Future Media, which has had an insane impact in Japanese otaku culture. The program’s widespread use and the character’s popular design has landed Hatsune Miku a #1 debut album on the Oricon chart in 2010, and held a live as a giant 3D digital projection.

Anime Expo’s list of guests have been revealed at such a slow pace that any anticipation I had almost ran dry, but this is definitely peaks my interest. How often does an opportunity to see a virtual performer come by? I’m definitely interested to see how this turns out.


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  1. You really have to wonder what Toyota hopes to get out of this. I mean the otaku community don’t really strike me as being big car buyers you know? If I was going to Anime Expo I’d definitely want to check this out though, for the novelty of it more than anything else.

    • Haha, I didn’t get your Toyota reference till I looked it up; I didn’t know she was featured in an American commercial *_*. Bizarre.
      The timing is really peculiar, this announcement and the commercial being put out around the same time; someone in Japan is getting busy with promotions. All I know is I’m going to the concert, AND getting a Corolla now, WOOOO! MIKU 4 LYFEZ!11!

      Click here to see the commercial if anyone else hasn’t seen it yet

      • It’s going to be a outdoor concert where everyone are sitting in their Corolla.

        (They told them that Miku sat in their Corolla *cough*)

      • I guess Toyota must expect to sell some cars out of this (why else would they invest so heavily in it) but the demographic they’re appealing to just seems so questionable from a business standpoint. It might work wonderfully in Japan but American otaku are an entirely different beast.

        Maybe if they paint the cars in Miku colours or put those huge Miku decals on them or something.

  2. Wow! This is hitting US? If I could I would go see that. People here just don’t get to see that stuff. Have fun there without me… (sad panda, is that a good way to put it?)

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