Cool or not? You decide.

While browsing through youtube one day I happened to stumble upon a video with a crapload of Chinese characters and a huge viewer count. Just like any other curious dude with an interest in any asian culture, I clicked to the link to see what the fuss was about, and I was treated to this:

After watching this the first time my initial reaction was amazement and awe. Wotas synced up and following the same wotagei moves along with a song have always impressed me, and I envy any man that has the balls and the swag to do this in the public as I doubt I could ever muster the courage to dance like that in front of a crowd without being paranoid that I am making an ass out of myself.

Although after watching the video over and over again (part of it had to do with the catchy song that the wotas were dancing to) I started to think to myself if it was ok that I thought this sorta thing was cool to do. To an outsider of the Idol culture, these guys would be labeled as creeps and borderline psychotic for making fools of themselves as they are pretty much doing what some might think of as a “Tribal dance” to their gods (aka the girls performing on stage) in front of these mass amounts of people whom seem to not even take notice of these crazy wotas.

I could imagine how this scenario would play out if this exact thing happened with a crowd filled with a bunch of westerners watching these wotas burn up the dance floor with their passionate wotagei moves without a care in the world. I would bet most of them would file the dancing under “lol Japan” and call it a day. Dae came up with the conclusion that these sorta things are cool within the culture of whatever you are into and I think I’m going to stick with that. I bet a lot of people think taking 10 shots of whiskey and using a Jagerbomb as a chaser would be a cool feat and one to envy and root for, but alas you wouldn’t find me anywhere near that.

So I suppose I will just be part of the crowd that envy these men and chant-a-long “MEGU MEGU FIYAH MOTTO MOTTO” to my hearts content. ((BTW if anyone is up for doing the move on 2:09 let me know))

P.S You guys probably would relate more to this video~

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  1. While not something that I would ever do myself, I guess it’s kinda cool that those guys are so into idols that they can dance that enthusiastically. To any normal person they probably look completely mental but I guess I’m just so desensitised to idol fandom now that my reaction just ends up being “yeah, those guys just really love idols”.

    The only downside to that video is that the damn song is stuck in my head now.

  2. I remember seeing the first video on G4’s “Attack of the Show” a few months back and they were making fun of it because they didn’t know what it was. This videos are cool, they express and show their love for the culture of idols. When G4 was criticizing it, I felt offended because they didnt even try to even bother to try to question or understand what is going on in the video and wrote it off as “asian culture is crazy (i dont remember the exact comments they were saying), another case of ignorant things that western culture does to things from another country.

    • Do you happen to have a link to this video from AOTS? I’m curious to see what exactly they had to say (even it’s probably along the same tune to what you said)

  3. Apparently on the AOTS website, they dont have videos working from February. If I ever do bump into the clip online I will post it though

  4. That’s pretty intense. Cool or not? That’s tough… I’ve had conflicts about fandoms in general. I’ve personally seen a friend do wotagei before and it was strange at first, but honestly, when considering what kind of fandom we are in, I feel like it’s great to be able to express our love of idols in such a way. Ray from IW mentioned this post in talking about wotagei and he seems to put it nicely by saying it might be better to love than to be love. These wota just love their idols so much and damn it, everyone’s going to know about it. They’re not hurting anyone, so in the end, more power to them. It’s cool.

    I also can’t help but feel Attack of the Show is utter shit. They’re the same people who had a show titled, “Does anime suck?”, which was supposed to facilitate some sort of debate about anime and its fandom’s practices, but it really just ends up being a bash-fest with no direction. We can say the same thing about anything that looks foreign to us since it’s not familiar to us. Imagine how people think when they see moshing or headbanging.

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