Contribute to NSK

Contribute to NSK

Good help is hard to find. That is why we are asking you, readers, listeners, and the community, for help.

We are always looking for new writers, translators, graphic designers, correspondents, and more!

This year we have decided to expand our “research student” concept further by providing more value to those who wish to work with us. Our goal as a site is to go above and beyond in order to provide content for our following. Especially with the relationships we are building in the idol fandom and beyond, we think it is important to do so in a professional manner.

We want our research students to know that they can potentially gain real world experience in journalism, content production, live streaming, video editing, etc. This is a two-way street and we wish to gain talents and skills as well as return the favor by nurturing said talents and skills of our staff.

Below are the current open positions and their desired skills:

Writers – Solid grasp of the English language, experience with WordPress backends, interesting things to say.

Translators – Minimum intermediate language proficiency, ability to write in polite form.

Graphic Designers – Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or equivalent.

Overseas Correspondents – Solid grasp of the English language, experience with WordPress backends, interesting things to say.

For more information, see our contribution page.

So what are you waiting for? Answer the NSK Research Student Questionnaire! It is currently geared most towards the writer position, but allows us to get to know you better in general.

Or, download the google doc as a file, or copy & paste it and email us via our contact form.

About NSK

New School Kaidan is a community-focused website for the Japanese idol industry international fan base. Between podcasts, broadcasts, events, and analytic articles, New School Kaidan aims to bring an understanding of idol culture to the masses.

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