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These are the days following the 2012 Senbatsu Elections! These elections created significant buzz due to its shift away from the famous Oshima/Maeda rivalry to the rise of previously unknown members and the 48 sister groups. Unfortunately, the elections brought out a few surprises that caused a lot of anger and smack talk among fans. But honestly, guys, do you really want to ruin it for everyone else?

Sadly, our hobby is absolutely filled with haters. I feel a main reason for this is the almost religious focus on supporting your oshimen. While this isn’t a bad thing, it causes some so-called “idol fans” to become just fans of only their favorite member. The issue with this is that it makes you absolutely blind. It makes you blind to their faults, it makes you blind to other members and most importantly, it makes you blind to how much of a jerk you can be. I think it’s important to be realistic with any hobby and I want to note a few points that people forget about idols especially during post-election period:


1. If your oshimen loses her popularity, it is most likely management’s fault, not the fault any other member.

Lately, I have been hearing absolutely awful things said about certain members including many of the SKE members. Yes, I understand that you’re upset that your favorite member dropped but it is completely uncalled for and utterly childish to blame it on the rise of other members. Your oshimen’s ranking only says something about their relative popularity to the other members and your member may have not lost as many fans as you think. Only losers blame the rise of others for their own failure. Popularity largely depends on promotion and has very little to do with other members overshadowing them. The other members did nothing to make your favorite idol drop in rank; it’s silly to think so.

2. There are other girls besides your oshimen.

Sorry guys, your oshimen is not your girlfriend. She doesn’t even know who you are. So, now that we have gotten that out of the way, it sort of makes no sense to write off every other girl, right? I mean there are more than 200 girls in the 48 family and your oshimen can’t be the only one who isn’t worthless. We all started out as fans of 48 and not as fans of our favorite members. I’m extremely happy for my oshimen, Sashihara, and her rise to the Kami 7 but I’m still upset over the fall of some of my favorites such as Ota Aika and complete disappearance of one of my Team 4 favorites, Nakamata Shiori. What I’m trying to get across here is that if you call yourself a 48 fan, you need to worry about more members than your oshimen. It’s ridiculous to ignore the success of the 48 family just because your oshimen dropped a few ranks.

3. A rise or fall of 1 or 2 ranks does not matter.

It’s such a small shift it doesn’t even matter. Sure it may be a difference of a few thousand votes, but given there were over a million votes in total, the difference is negligible. There’s a whole lot of trash-talk going on about a certain SKE member coming ahead of another popular SKE member but that’s only one rank. Their popularity is still pretty much the same overall. Furthermore, there are lots of fans freaking out about drops that are only a few ranks as well. Seriously, guys? Those girls are the lucky ones. Just take a glance at Future Girls, it is absolutely filled with members who dropped 15 or more ranks and yet many of them are glad they even ranked at all.

4. There are so many variables involved that it’s silly to complain about a single cause.

Anything could have caused the rise or fall of a member’s rank. It could have been something as big as a scandal or something as small as a new haircut or a few crappy blog pics. Though many idol fans are generous and accepting, you have to realize that many also fit the negative stereotype of being childish, arrogant, and socially retarded. A lot of wotas can be incredibly picky and can even oshihen at the slightest mistake an idol makes. This will of course cost the idol votes. It’s just the way our hobby works. You can’t expect everyone to like your favorite member especially when many are forcing themselves not to.


Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s try to get back to why we’re idol fans: it’s the most uplifting, positive genre of music in the world and nothing makes you happier than seeing a cute idol, right? So to all those haters and melodramatics: stop ruining it for everyone. I watch idols to be happy, not to get involved in drama. There’s already enough of that in everyone’s lives.


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    I think the two 48 forums needs some of this Sleepywota Wisdom!!

  2. Great article, it was a good read and brought up a lot of good points.
    It seems very easy for people to become emotionally blinded when the negative happens to their oshi and they feel the need to point the finger of blame at someone. I’m ashamed to say that I’ve had times in the past where I felt like doing the same thing myself, but people have to remember that like you said, the other members most probably have nothing to do with the decrease in rank of someones favorite member.
    I think that its very important to try not to become too emotionally attached, take a step back and think about the reasons for why things happen.

    “Sorry guys, your oshimen is not your girlfriend. She doesn’t even know who you are.” These two sentences made me burst out laughing. Absolutely brilliant.

    • Thanks for your support! This hobby is a bit dangerous because it’s a little easy to become obsessed. Everyone should keep their heads out of the clouds. :)

  3. Google Image “butthurt”
    OMG xD, i will be using some of these images =]


    I don’t know yo, for #3, I’m both worried about my oshimen dropping just one rank AND other members dropping 30 places or not even ranking at all.

    • Maybe I didn’t clarify #3 enough. It actually doesn’t bother me too much but it’s just that I think it’s relatively insignificant. I feel like if there was another election next month, you will see drops and rises that you didn’t see this time. I just think a rise or drop of 1 rank can be caused by any variable and not merely a popularity change.

  5. No. You only call a wota a hater when they say, do and wish horrible things upon the girls. Other than that, pfft. Wotas have the right not to enjoy things the way you do. Wotas are also humans with feelings. They can be upset when other girls didn’t do so well, be happy for other girls who did well in the election, and then be sad again, when their oshimens didn’t, um, do well. Wotas can have both kinds of feelings. They can cheer for other girls, then move on and write long ass posts to complain and to ask why they “fell” to support their oshimens. In this case, you seem to blame them for “ignoring” others. Well, after all, you see, they didn’t invest enough emotion and money, like you do, to care for all other girls that long after the election.

  6. To add to the point, that is except the horrible things you’ve heard about certain members including many of the SKE members, there is no reason for you to call wotas “butthurt” or haters.

    Churi is happy for her members, too. But look, she wrote such a long post to say she’s not “content” with her position. Now apply the logic, which you apply to those wotas who are accused of only caring about their oshimens, to Churi. First, there are other girls besides you, Churi. Many AKB girls didn’t even rank. NMB had only 5 girls breaking into top 64. Second, a rise or fall of 1 or 2 ranks does not matter. You only went down 1 rank compared to last year. Wait a minute, you aimed for senbatsu in this election? Come on girl. Third, there are so many variables involved that it’s silly to complain about a single cause. How can you, Churi? 15 SKE girls ranked! You should only talk about rainbow, and birds, and your members. Why did you make such a big deal about yourself? Honestly, Churi, do you really want to ruin it for everyone else?

    I said every of those things with a sarcastic tone. You can see where I’m going. About you 1st point, seriously, I don’t want to go there.

    • You wouldn’t happen to be a Matsui Rena oshi, would you?

      Just curious.

      • Since you ask, no, I’m not. You are a Matsui Jurina oshi, aren’t you?

        I’m not curious; it is a rhetorical question.

    • Okay, I understand why you’re upset. But I must note that being a fan and being a member are completely different things. It’s fine that Takayanagi wants to rank higher and I’m sure she will. Her blog post has very little with what I said.

      With this article, I was mainly trying to aim for people who are being hostile about what happened to their oshimen. I’m terribly upset about a lot of members’ drops but I think some people are taking it too seriously. Plus I think several things were uncalled for.

      With my first point, I was mainly arguing against people who were insulting heavily promoted members. The idols are people too although we like to think they’re perfect. It’s completely not right to blame and insult other members. They had nothing to do with it.

      Furthermore, I just thought some of the reactions were disturbing. It’s okay to blog, rant, mope, or what have you, about your oshimen but some people are taking it to extremes. Some are being complete jerks or acting as if their entire life has ended. These elections could change week to week if they held them that often but they don’t.

      Oshimen does not mean “your goddess” It means your favorite member, the one you support the most. People shouldn’t take these things so seriously and remember that this is a hobby.

      There’s also really no need to be so hostile. This article was written just to remind people to watch their words. It’s just my opinion that we should remain grounded and control our emotions. These idols are celebrities. We don’t know them. So we best not get obsessed with them or else we’re just become the anti-social losers we’re often stereotyped as.

      This is an opinion article. And I stand by my opinion. I’m not planning to let my hobby control my emotions; that’s just how I want to live my life.

      • Like I said, in cases where fans insulted the members, being hostile or jerks to them, I have no reason to argue with you. Other than that, again, pfft.

        Churi’s blog post is about her being upset over not ranking in senbatsu. It is worded as it should be, coming from an idol. A fan’s version is more extreme since he obviously has that anonymous shield. A member, Churi in my example, is affected directly, true. However, fans who spend time and money on that member are affected just as much. It is because of that kind of emotion that we have this election in the first place.

        Hostility comes strongly from the way you worded your article. I don’t know if you intended to do so, but it is what it is to me. Most articles have opinion, whether it has (relevant/ irrelevant) facts to back it up, so you don’t have to explain it. Your emotions about your hobby lead you to write this article so saying that you don’t want to let your hobby control your emotions sounds… And the way you wrote it, too. It screams to me, “I have a lot of emotions, I have to let it out.” But, since you claim that it’s not, I’m sorry.

  7. Regarding #3, I think the higher the rank, the more there is at stake for each spot because it’s much harder to move around the higher you go. It’s evident by how different the undergirl rankings get vs senbatsu, and also how crazy different rankings 64-24 got this year (fluctuations between rising and falling up to 31 spots) vs 23-1 (fluctuations up to only 6 spots).

    And FYEAH to your last paragraph. Some fans to need remind themselves of this. I make sure to check myself for that regularly, amongst other things. o_o

    • I suppose that the stakes are higher as you go up. But I just regard these changes pretty small considering one crazed fan can make these changes. It was supposed to be aimed towards the Rena/Jurina thing but I didn’t want to poke fingers. If we had a stat of how many votes were made by the same person, then we can really tell who is more popular. But we don’t so these small rank changes could really mean nothing but a group of crazed diehard fans spending their live savings to buy votes.

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