Coming This Week!

Our coverage at AM2 and AX is over and we have plenty of content to post from our experience!

Some things to anticipate:

  • -Interview with Danny Choo
  • -Hatsune Miku at AX Impressions
  • -SCANDAL at AM2 Impressions
  • -Comparisons between AM2 and AX
  • -SCANDAL Panel Footage


About Dae Lee

-Dae, aka Mizu -Writer, broadcaster, and podcaster on New School Kaidan

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  1. Looking forward to it!

  2. Dat content.

  3. Hope you guys had fun! Sounds like you got a lot done, I can’t wait to hear impressions!

  4. this year has been very sh*tty for me: Not only did I miss out out on seeing Nick, Brad, Josephs and all my other brethren at the LA Meet up, I could not make it to LA on all the time you guys were there! f*ck it im gonna make it happen next year!

    Cant wait to hear the coverage!

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